No Nonsense Guide To Finance #3

No Nonsense Guide To Finance

Those pesky financial advisers will often throw around terminology that they perceive to be universally understood, when in actual fact, the words they use can be quite industry-specific and not as familiar to the client as the adviser may assume. You know I like to keep things as simple and as no-nonsense as possible, so here are six commonly-used terms broken down for you. This time we’re looking at: Money …

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How To Succeed In The Stock Market

How to succeed in the stock market

I am sorry to have to break it to you, but simply saving your money in the bank is never going to make you rich. That’s because the purchasing power of your money is constantly being eroded by inflation. So, if you want to build your wealth, the solution is to ‘put your money to work’. And that means investing it in something that will provide you with at least …

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How To Choose A Financial Adviser

How to choose a financial adviser

If you have decided that you need some help with your expat financial planning, knowing where to begin to find a good expat adviser can be a daunting task. There is no shortage of information available online, but the difficulty is, sometimes there’s just too damn much information. Filtering through it all can be a tedious and time-consuming task to say the least. And more often than not, you’ll come …

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Expat Investing: 5 Ugly Truths Revealed

The ugly truth about expat investing

When you’re living and working abroad, wherever it is in the world, you are likely to be targeted at some point by an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), who wants to help you make the extra income you are probably getting with your expat post “work harder” for you by recommending a suitable investment vehicle. For the most part, investing money for the future is a good thing and can be …

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No Nonsense Guide To Finance #2

No Nonsense Guide To Finance

For the newbie investor, the language used by finance people can be bewildering and quite intimidating at times, but the concepts behind the “foreign language” are usually fairly simple – at least, most of the time, anyway! My No Nonsense Guide To Finance series of posts aims to simplify a lot of the terminology you are likely to encounter if you enter the world of financial planning and investing. Being …

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7 Things To Do Before You Start Investing

Expats tips on investing

Sometimes the easiest way to understand something is to look at a diagram or picture. In finance, we’re often presented with graphs and flow charts to illustrate concepts and outcomes and these visuals can help tell the story much quicker than a sea of text. In financial planning, there is a concept or approach known as the Financial Planning Pyramid, which is designed to help clients to visualise the whole …

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Seven Deadly Sins Of Investing

7 Deadly Sins of Investing

I have seen a few financial articles over the last year or so entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins Of Investing”. I’m certainly no expert on Dante and I have never read Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”, but I did love the film “Seven”. I remember it was always written “Se7en” stylistically and after that, a few more of these kind of visual/phonetic substitutions popped up from time to time: “Lucky Number S7evin”, …

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